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Safety measures against COVID-19

HOTEL ARCSENS TOKYO takes the following measures to make all the guests stay safely with us.

[ Requests to guests ]

*At check-in, all the guests will be checked for body temperature using a non-contact thermometer. People who have a fever of 37.5℃ or above and who is not in a good physical condition cannot be allowed to stay with us.
*Disinfect your hands with the sanitizer which is always available at the reception when entering the hotel from the outside.
*Wash your hands frequently in your room.
*Use the elevator separately when a large number of the people ride it on.
*We do not currently clean rooms for multiple nights to prevent potential infections from each other. If you need additional towels or amenities, please ask the hotel staff.
*Make sure to close the lid when you flush the toilet.
*Do not share towels and amenities with multiple people.
*Put the used masks in a plastic bag, seal and discard it.
*Check your belongings when you leave the room for smooth check-out.
*Do not leave the room if you do not feel well. Contact the hotel staff immediately by phone. We will contact the public health center in Tokyo for the instructions to follow.

[ HOTEL ARCSENS initiatives ]

*Common areas such as lobbies and elevators are regularly sterilize and ventilate.
*We wear masks when servicing guests.
*Sanitizers are available at the reception and shared toilets at the 1st floor.
*Rooms are ventilated during cleaning and contact surfaces are cleaned with concentrated alcohol.
*Disposable cups are provided in the guest rooms.
*We carry out daily temperature measurements, hands washing, staggered commuting, and frequent uniform washing.
*In order to avoid congestion at check-in and check-out, explanations are simplified.
Note: The measures may change depending on the future situation.
Thank you for your understanding.